If you’ve followed me for a while you will know I’m all about that gut health! I honestly believe that EVERYTHING begins in the gut. If your gut isn’t functioning right and flourishing with good bacteria it can impact your immunity, energy levels, muscle building/ fat loss, sleep and happiness.

Here are some examples of why your gut really is so important:

  • Serotonin and Dopamine (aka the happiness hormones!) are produced in your gut. If your gut isn’t happy, neither is your brain!
  • Nutrient absorption (the uptake of the vitamins, minerals, amino acids, etc from your food) occurs in the gut. Food is digested and absorbed into the body through your digestion processes. If digestion isn’t working properly, then you’re not getting the health benefits you could be out of the food you’re eating.
  • If your nutrient absorption isn’t efficient, then you won’t be digesting and absorbing proteins to build lean muscle as effectively as you could be.
  • SIMILARLY, if you’re not getting all that good stuff out of your food it’s pretty darn hard to have a healthy, thriving body that creates a good environment for fat loss!
  • If your body isn’t absorbing nutrients effectively, you can imagine why you may feel lethargic a lot. Food is the ‘petrol’ for our ‘car’. Just as you might feel average when you’ve eaten crap food for a few days, if you aren’t absorbing nutrients you’ll probably have a similar feeling of fatigue etc.

I also love ATP Science products. These guys produce supplements backed by research and science, and I’ve used several of their products before (Alpha Prime, Cort RX, Block E3 and Subcut) with excellent result. So when I found out they’d brought out a gut health product I was super excited to give it a try!

I could bore you with all the science-y stuff on how GutRight works but if you are interested in the finer details, you can read more about it here:



Taste: 4/10

Effectiveness: 7/10

Quality of Ingredients: 10/10
Value for money: 6/10

Overall Rating: 7/10

The idea behind GutRight is that you take 3 scoops a day for 10 days to really ‘detox’ your gut, and thereafter take only 1 scoop per day for maintenance. I decided to give it a try because a) I’m obsessed with gut health and b) I like to test products myself before recommending them to my clients.

I read about the symptoms I was likely to expect from GutRight in the ATP Science article and must say, it was pretty accurate with how it affected my errr…bowels (sorry TMI). I semi-followed the ‘detox’ diet that they suggest, but kept in sweet potato and oats because I didn’t want to cut back my starchy carbs too much at that point.

I did find that GutRight really cleared me out and reduced my bloating a lot. It wasn’t an uncomfortable feeling either, the symptoms were quite mild and you just kind of went to the toilet as normal, just a bit more often! The diet they recommend for best effects is also pretty easy to follow and not painfully restrictive.

The worst part about this product is that it tastes pretty darn terrible! Actually, it doesn’t taste like much but It’s clumpy and doesn’t mix well. The first time I tried it I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to stomach 3 scoops of it a day! HOWEVER, I did create some epic ‘gut-healing’ smoothie recipes that I’ve listed below that helped me get the GutRight down and found that it actually added a nice berry kind of flavour in the smoothies! I just blended them up in my Nutribullet and actually started to enjoy the GutRight!

I also thought it was a pretty measily sized tub, especially considering they want you to take 3 scoops a day for the first 10 days. After the 10 days the $65 tub was pretty much empty. When you drop back to the ‘maintenance’ stage taking 1 scoop a day, it’s a lot more cost-effective.

I must say my gut is in pretty good nick (for the most part anyway) because I’ve spent years following different gut healing protocol, eliminating inflammatory foods and trying my best to look after my gut so it functions as well as possible! I am still taking the one scoop per day and feeling good, but I think the effects and benefits of this product would be better felt by someone with a little more gut issues than myself.

  • 1.5 scoops gut right
  • 15g collagen powder
  • ½ cup unsweetened almond milk; ½ cup water
  • 2 heaped tbsp Coyo Natural Yoghurt
  • 1 scoop Bioceuticals Ultra Muscle Eze Magnesium Powder with Vitamin B
  • organic honey or stevia to sweeten
  • 50g berries
  • Ice
  • 1.5 scoops gut right
  • 5-10g vegan protein powder
  • 1 scoop camu-camu powder or maca powder
  • ½ cup unsweetened almond milk; ½ cup water
  • organic honey or stevia to sweeten
  • cinnamon
  • 1 handful spinach
  • ½ a banana
  • Ice

Overall, I thought it was pretty effective and easy to get down once I’d found a delicious smoothie combination to hide it in! I wasn’t so impressed that I’m going to start preaching about this product to the world, but I definitely think it’s worth giving a go if you have gut issues; especially if you haven’t been able to manage them through other supplements like probiotics, prebiotics and anti-inflammatory herbs. It’s got a great, clean ingredient list and I really do think gut health is worth spending your money on!

If you do give this product a go, send me an email and let me know about your experience!


With love,

B. xx

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