Comp Prep
(Online or In-Person)

  • Selected team only – apply via the button below
  • Be coached by a female who gets the hormonal and mental aspect of comp prep and has had every client coached place top 3 including multiple overall winners!
  • Includes everything from the ‘customised online coaching’ package PLUS 16 week out action plan, detailed peak week protocol, selection and advice for bikini, heels, posing, show day advice, etc so you are 100% prepared going into a show whether beginner or experienced
  • For Melbourne clients, posing lessons are included. International/Interstate clients can arrange posing classes via video call.
  • Check ins weekly in offseason, and more regularly as prep continues, including daily in peak week if needed
  • I believe in comp prep being done in a way thats as healthy as possible, and for that reason I require most girls to start at least 24 weeks out to ensure your metabolism is set and a base of lean mass is built. Your individual circumstances will be taken into account to determine how long you need to prep.
  • ICN and NPC (specialty), IFBB, WBFF coaching available.

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