Comp Prep
(Online or In-Person)

I am passionate about prepping girls for the stage in a healthy way, so it is important to me that we work together in prep before the prep where we build up your calorie intake and ensure you have a solid base of lean muscle mass before your competition prep diet starts.

Competition prep is always going to be a mental and physical challenge, but it doesn’t have to be torture! I pride myself on making it an enjoyable experience and keeping my girls metabolisms and hormones healthy during the process.

  • Selected team only – apply via the button below
  • Be coached by a female who gets the hormonal and mental aspect of comp prep and has coached 37 x 1st place competitors, including multiple overall winners!
  • Includes everything from the ‘customised online coaching’ package including fully customised training and nutrition protocols updated regularly, as well as unlimited support and training video technique checks.
  • PLUS 16 week out action plan, detailed peak week protocol, selection and advice for bikini, heels, posing, show day advice, etc so you are 100% prepared going into a show whether beginner or experienced
  • I also offer posing lessons if desired
  • PT sessions available in Melbourne, Vic
  • Free team posing sessions in Melbourne, Vic
  • Check ins weekly in off-season, Daily check ins during on-season (from approx 12 weeks out until completion of reverse diet)
  • I believe in comp prep being done in a way thats as healthy as possible, and for that reason I require most girls to start at least 24 weeks out to ensure your metabolism is set and a base of lean mass is built. Your individual circumstances will be taken into account to determine how long you need to prep.
  • ICN, IFBB & NPC & WBFF coaching available.
  • Reverse dieting and post-comp support

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