StrongHer Nutrition Bundle



  • 60+ page Nutrition Handbook
  • 15+ page How to Track Your Macros Guidebook
  • FREE Mindset Guide


  • Learn how to calculate your lean body mass and body fat percentage
  • Learn how to set your nutrition targets and change them as your goals and/or body composition shifts
  • “Body type” quiz to help you understand what body type you are and what kind of nutritional strategy you’re likely to respond best to
  • Lifestyle interventions for optimal body composition (e.g sleep, stress management, digestive health)
  • Learn how to SUSTAIN your result through reverse dieting
  • Nutrition FAQ including myth busting around fads e.g. Keto, fasting etc.
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
  • 6 x sample meal plans included
  • Access to my STRONGHER Facebook community
  • Nutritionist approved

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