StrongHer 12 Week Training Program



  • 12 week training program
    Select one of: Shred, Sculpt or Booty Builder
  • FREE Mindset Guide


  • 3 x options to choose from:
  • Each program contains 2 x 6-week training blocks (total of 12 weeks)
  • Home training option for the SHRED program
  • Choose from 4-6 day training splits, including bonus cardio/ HIIT/ glute and/or core finishers depending on what YOU want to focus on
  • Warm-ups and cool-downs for each workout
  • Exercise video library
  • Training FAQ’s
  • Access to my STRONGHER Facebook community

Which program should I choose?
SHRED: Full body workouts, recommended if you have 10kg or more to lose. There is a gym or home option for this program. Suitable for all experience levels.
SCULPT: Isolated split workouts (legs, upper). Recommended if you have less than 10kg to lose and want to build some lean muscle and lose some body fat. Also recommended for experienced weight trainers with more than 10kg to lose. Suitable for all experience levels.
BOOTY BUILDER: Isolated split workouts (legs, upper) with a focus on glutes. Recommended if you have less than 10kg to lose and want to focus on shaping your lower body. Intermediate to advanced.


  • Learn to master your mindset for best results in your physical body
  • Develop, discipline, mental resilience and learn mindfulness practices to improve your relationship with food
  • Develop self-love and improve body image
  • Learn to prioritise self-care
  • Covers meditation, gratitude, journaling, grounding, and more!
  • 6 x journaling activities and worksheets
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