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We are Women’s Health and Fitness Coaches specialising in female fat loss, competition prep coaching and holistic lifestyle coaching. We are passionate about helping women achieve their goals in a healthy and sustainable way that they actually enjoy, while improving their overall quality of life through stress management, sleep hygiene and addressing any digestive or hormonal issues at play. Our coaching will not only transform your body but also your mind, your relationship with food, your relationships with others, and most importantly; your relationship with yourself!

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When I started with Bec I was unmotivated, self-conscious, and hated my body. I was miserable. I was the type of person forever on a diet, exercising 4-5 times a week (and hating it) and never getting any results. In the first 4 months training with Bec I had personal goal to lose 10kg. I ended up losing 12kg, and gained a new love for health and fitness and increased self-confidence. I am very happy with my results!


Working with Bec has taught me so much in regards to nutrition and training and how incorporating these into your life can make a positive change both mentally and physically. I suffer from anxiety and other mental health issues and although it has been a long run, training with Bec has turned my confidence around dramatically.


Bec is everything you need in a personal trainer - motivating, organised, supportive and develops programs to suit your personal goals. Bec understands that everyone is training for a different purpose and develops an exercise plan to meet that and work in with your lifestyle and schedule. I highly recommend her!


Bec taught me how to eat well to achieve my goals – there is no feeling starving and deprived on her meal plans! I have built lean muscle, lost body fat and increased my strength dramatically training with Bec. She genuinely cares about her clients results and is always there for support.


Bec is not only a great trainer with extensive knowledge, she genuinely cares about my health and well-being, making sure my approach to weight loss is healthy and sustainable.


The eating and exercise plan Bec has tailored to me is not just another diet fad but a lifestyle! She has taught me how to make healthier food choices and understand what body responds best to. As a result I feel fitter, healthier and happier than ever before ! And I'm 13kgs lighter!


I've tried diets before where I was hungry all the time and couldn't stick to it for more than a week! I did Bec's challenge and the meal plan's were actually quite easy to follow and I got to eat quite a bit! My body loved it, I lost 7kg and I still stick to the diet because it's quiet sustainable!


Bec is not only our coach; she's our inspiration, our number one supporter, our life coach and nutrition advisor all in one! I've never met a PT that goes so above and beyond for their clients.

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